The ancient Messapic origins of the City of Lecce, archaeological remains dating from the Roman occupation, testimonies of Medieval and Renaissance ages mix with elegance and exuberance of the masterpieces of Baroque of Lecce.

In the heart of this unique and fascinating setting, Dimora Muratore was built at the end of the 1800s for the landowner Rocco Chillino and stands on the original City of Lecce’s 16th century walls, few steps away from the Cathedral.

Dimora Muratore is surrounded, as in a green embrace, of a splendid hanging garden of more than 1000 sqm that climbs up to the walls through two elegant curved ramps, decorated with columns, achieving the two main entrances. A play of terraces, small dry stonewalls, venerable and endangered trees – like jacaranda, rose pepper, ginkgo biloba and nettle tree, to name just a few – different varieties of bamboo and palms, as well as scented citrus trees, pomegranates, coloured bougainvillea and wild capers, make this garden unique.

Each room of the main floor of the Villa is enriched by superb mosaic floors, realized handcrafted by the Peluso brothers, famous mosaicists who, up to the 40ies of the Twentieth century, were authors of a huge number of floors not only in the most luxurious homes, villas and buildings of the aristocracy of Salento, but especially in many churches, chapels and public buildings.

In the Muratore’s family from generations, Dimora Muratore has been patiently restructured in regard and full respect of the traditions but, at the same time, with a touch of a modern flair. A mix of modern antiques, art deco and genuine works of art, result of a thorough style research by the owners, perfectly harmonizes with the villa’s architectural style.

Dimora Muratore is enrolled to the Historic Italian Houses Association since 2014.



Dimora Muratore is enriched by superb mosaic floors laid down, using old methods, by the brothers Michele and Giuseppe Peluso, belonged to a family of famous mosaicists from Tricase, who operated between Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. The chromatic elegance and the wealth of the contents and picture make the mosaics of the Dimora Muratore a heritage of inestimable value. In a room of the main floor, it is possible to admire a unique particular: a floral composition with at the center the initials “R” and “C” (i.e., Rocco Chillino) clearly legible and distinguishable.
In addition to magnificent and unique floors, colorful frescoes by Domenico Abbracciavento are worthy of note, in particular, the one of the lounge room.

“Proprietà della famiglia Muratore da generazioni, la Dimora è stata pazientemente ristrutturata nel pieno rispetto del passato ma, allo stesso tempo, con uno occhio all’innovazione. Un mix di modernariato, art deco e autentici oggetti di design, frutto di un’attenta ricerca da parte dei proprietari, ben si armonizza con le architetture della villa.”



The Hanging Garden

Dimora Muratore is surrounded by lush and well-kept rare example of hanging garden of more than 1000 sqm. Mediterranean plants, colored flowers, bougainvillea, wild capers, different varieties of citrus trees, pomegranates, feijoas trees, bamboos, under the shadow of palms and centuries-old trees as jacaranda, rose pepper, ginkgo biloba and nettle tree, to name just a few make this garden truly unique.

The hanging garden, at the guests’ disposal, climbs up to the walls through two elegant curved ramps, decorated with columns, achieving the two main entrances and offers an incredible oasis of privacy and peace.